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Need to purchase prepaid electricity but tired of getting into the car and driving to the shops late at night or are you just uncomfortable giving your credit card details to some online company? You are at the right place! Being the only “online” company that offers “Live” support, you can be assured you will never be left in the dark when it comes to information, transactions and off course with your electricity.

Before following our 3 easy steps to register and buy within minutes, here are some comments from satisfied Prepaid24 clients:

I did a transaction on the Prepaid24 website and I did not receive any feedback from the company, I logged a ticket with Prepaid24 and I got immediate response from them and they where very quick and friendly. Thank you Prepaid24 for your FANTASTIC...
Posted via HelloPeter by Thinus from Centurion on 20 November 2014

Welcome to the #1 Online Prepaid recharging platform in Africa. To learn more about our service offering, please select your country.


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